About the Company

Electronic Solutions (Barbados) Limited is a Barbados registered corporation that designs, builds and markets financial electronic commerce (e-commerce) services and products to organizations in the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa. E-Solutions also develops and builds custom software solutions and applications for individual clients, to meet their respective needs. The company comprises of a team of young, savvy business and technology professionals who “think outside the box” and are in tune with the needs, advances and threats that exist in today’s world.

We have established business relationships in Barbados and are currently developing similar relationships across the Caribbean region, Latin America and Africa.

Our company’s slogan is: ‘Life Simplified’, and our modus operandi can be summed up in these three words – INNOVATE! DISRUPT! INFLUENCE!

Our company’s slogan is: To influence the technological trends of the future by developing innovative solutions that disrupts the status quo’.