Software Development

Designing Application Architecture

When designing software for business, we draw on our many years of experience. Instead of predicting different variants of the future, we prefer a light approach that allows further development of application architecture as needs arise. Along with the development of the business, expectations for the implemented software change, which is why we focus on proven patterns and components at the same time using the latest available technologies.

Creating Custom Software

The need to quickly adapt IT solutions to business needs has for good established the agile approach in software development. We have been using a process implemented by teams experienced in software development for years. The functionality expected by users is provided in short iterations (sprints) with full protection of operational continuity of production processes.

Maintenance and Development

Care of a production system is not only efficient removal of noticed defects or taking care of its high operational efficiency. It is primarily to ensure the possibility of its further development along with the changing expectations of business. This is particularly true of systems that have been in operation for several years, with a high business importance for the customer, which are worth refreshing technologically and thus provide them with constant opportunities to adapt to the IT environment and functional development.

Quality Assurance and Software Testing

We have a passion for getting digital products to market faster to drive more adoption and utilization. From manual to automated testing that combines DevOps best practices of continuous testing and integration, we help create the right balance of testing methods to move fast in an agile world.

Our unique process evaluates your existing testing method and quality goals to create a roadmap of how people, tools and processes can quickly enable better software. Our teams ensure the right level of test coverage and ways to lower the risk of testing across multiple browsers, environments and mobile.

We work with you to deliver continuous quality feedback at every stage of development to create a testing approach that best meets your quality goals. See how we can help you deliver higher quality software, faster.

Data Migration

Virtually every software run by the organization uses existing data, which is often collected for years. Migration itself can be an equally complex project as well as building a system, which is why we start it with a clear definition of the goals and criteria for completing data transfer.


Whether you are committed to your current platform or looking for new ideas, E-Solutions can help you manipulate, integrate, or transform your technology for a more productive solution.